Yoga of Love

A workshop on how to elevate the love in your life 

 Love is a strong positive emotion involving closeness, caring, connection, and commitment. Love exists in all human relationships. It is the basis for friendships, family relationships, and those connections which draw us toward romantic relationships and marriage.

Divine love ultimately requires you to hold the sacredness for the other person in your practice of loving them at all times. When we embody divine love, there is no room for criticism, yelling, dismissing, sarcasm, or ridiculing of the other. Divine love does not judge another, and it takes maturity, sensitivity, and a willingness to elevate yourself and loved ones to a higher state of unconditional love. Divine love is a spiritual practice that transcends all your limitations and brakes all barriers.

Since yoga is the practice that unites you with the loving wholeness within; methods such as loving kindness is a beautiful meditation that cultivates thoughts to make love grow. If you are not cultivating loving compassion about your partner or loved ones love can erode and hate and animosity can grow instead of love.

In this workshop, you will learn about types of love and love attachment patterns.

Types of love: liking, companionate love, empty love, foolish love, infatuation love, romantic love, consummate love. According to theories about Triangular love, three components of love must be there: Intimacy, commitment, and passion.

Love attachment patterns and correlating parenting environments: Secure attachment – (warm, loving and supportive parents); Avoidance attachment (demanding, disrespectful and critical parents) Resistant attachment (parents who were unpredictable and unfair parenting)

Come and learn more about love languages, brain chemistry, love cycles, and the love formula.

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