Words of Wellness-Wishing It Could Go On Forever
Words of Wellness -Sabine
August 2020 graduate of Whitman Wellness School of Yoga.
We have so many words available in our beautiful language, but it seems at first difficult to find the appropriate one to describe that feeling of overjoy, lightness and overwhelming love.
I’ll start at the end: ‘wishing our 200-hour teacher training could go on and on and on…’ and in some other ways it will, I know.
Doubts and hesitations in my mind, at the beginning, proved unfounded. I felt at once at ‘home’, stepping into the first meeting of our 200-hour teacher training class. Lee-Ann and Cara are amazing teachers! Their caring, support and knowledge goes above and beyond.
My inspiration to sign up came from wanting to know more about Yoga; which I have found to be my perfect balance between my body and my mind. The many topics we covered, from Biomechanics through History, increased my hunger for more and gave me tools for my personal practice I would have never imagined to have been able to receive. It was like opening a treasure chest that I forgot I had and could not open; my key was missing.
That golden key formed throughout my teacher training at Whitman Wellness Center. All I had to do now was insert that key and turn the lock – so I did! I will be teaching! Humble, with tears of joy, hope and love, will I go out into the world hoping to touch just one other soul to spread this good fortune.
Sabine YTT 2019-2020

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