Words of Wellness  Because of You, We Are Celebrating 10 Years at WWC!


We opened the door and you walked in.

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How We Began Part 1

A long time ago in 1997, I completed my 200 Yoga Certification. I had no idea why I was in the program, I only knew it was where I needed to be. I remember the night we were going to discuss the business portion of the program. I was going to stay home. I was not planning on having a yoga business, so why go. I don’t even remember if I went or not.

We know, we just don’t always know we know.

At some point I realized two things. I had an uncomfortable feeling in my belly (I refer to it as a bullet in my belly) and I knew every rental in my town.

I have been meditating since 1974, so I have an idea of what I like to listen to and what I try to avoid. And I knew this bullet in the belly was not leaving until I took action upon what I knew. I approached Myette’s Store to see if the rental was still available. I went in with a Bless it or Block it  attitude. Bless it or block it is the way I let God guide my way on. I need clarity. Because it was not “my plan”, I needed to know if it was the divine plan. Open the doors wide or kick my butt to the floor!

It was available. Price was affordable. Damn-blessed.

I went to Town Hall with a Bless it or Block it, for a DBA, a business permit. Damn. They gave it to me.

Every single move was blessed not blocked. The bullet in my belly kept going away.

It was in the fall of 1998 I began work on Hanson Holistic Center. I figured I needed a rug and a candle as far as investment. It was effortless. I opened the doors to Hanson Holistic Center in February 1999. The size of the room created the boundaries I needed at the time, we could fit 12 students at the most.

Cara was my accountant. She still tells the story, there was no money to account! Her job was easy, back then.

Miracles happen always, we just don’t always see them.

One day I was hanging clothes to dry outside and I was feeling a little stressed about this business I had opened. My children were still at the age when a watchful eye and care was necessary. I was feeling a little overwhelmed being a mother, a householder and a business owner.

I sat in meditation and I remember saying, “I am not a business person. What do I need to do? Should I order envelopes for mailing with the business name on it? Get another candle?

This is what I heard.

“Lee-Ann, I am the creator of the universe. Don’t you think if I wanted a business person I might have brought your husband on board? (he is in business) Just go and open the door and I will take care of the rest.”

And so I did.

We still do.

Every day.

We opened the doors-you walked in.

The rest of the story is about Littleness vs Magnitude and the GRAND OPENING OF WHITMAN WELLNESS CENTER October 2010

You can read about it in our Words of Wellness Blog, as we celebrate through out October!

It is because of you we are CELEBRATING 10 YEARS! 

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