What’s Your Word for 2018?

I like a plan. I don’t necessarily follow through, but I always like a plan. When the New Year comes, I have a plan. I never stay up late. I always get up before the sun. Most New Year’s Day find me at the beach for sunrise. I love to greet the day-meet the new year, release the past and sit in the sacred moments to begin again.

Last year, one of my  plans was to find a word. I wanted a word that would represent my 2017. At first, I thought decisive. Being a Pisces, I am a bit indecisive. But, then I thought maybe definitive would be better. Disciplined came in also. Who doesn’t want a little discipline in life. I could do three and create a daily mantra. Decisive-Definitive-Discipline. Yet, organized was a word I also wanted to represent my 2017. Organized, yes this is good. I really needed to be more organized as I entered into 2017. Maybe I could have 4 words for 2017. Definitive-Decisive-Disciplined & Organized.

It all sounded great until, I started asking everyone I spoke with what was their word. I was so impressed with the quickness of their answers. It was as if everyone intuitively knew their word f or 2017. The answers were awesome and of the 50 or so people I asked there were very few doubles! Love was a double.

Then it came to me. I wanted my 2017 to be WOW. WOW was going to be my word I definitively with decisiveness found my word. WOW.

WOW showed up everywhere in the year 2017. Written on the side of airplanes-in everyday occurrences-in wow moments.

I am still pondering my word for 2018. I have a few thoughts.

What is your word for 2018?

WOW is available if you want it.

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