I know that we all know the answers to our questions.  We are just not still enough to listen.    So, we search outside ourselves,  and in doing so we immediately agree with littleness and not magnitude.

I know each of you stands in your magnitude.

I know that time is expansive.  As we show up in the fullness of time and in the expansiveness of who we are…there is no limit in time.  There is no limit in energy.

I know each of you are expanding into your limitlessness.

I know life is filled with pain and complete with opportunities.

Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional

I know our group was brought together for the purpose of healing through the suffering.

We healed broken hearts.  We healed personal tragedy and we healed personal illness .  We worked through dramas and trauma.  We traveled through age milestones and family history.  We transformed together by letting go alone.  We held the light for each other to help transform the darkness.

For me, it was an honor to be a part of this amazing transformation.  I have been a witness to your magnitude and your littleness.  There was never a Thursday night that I did not look forward to meeting you on the mat.  I was a curious traveler amongst beautiful souls.

As our time together comes to an end I invite each of you to take the beautiful light, the joy and the laughter with you.

May you KickAsana with your classes and your students.

May you always be there for the World to see.

May your light always shine upon the darkness


In the dark times of life:

May you always remember your magnitude..

May you always remember, be still for a while…you will hear the answer.

You will know the way out.

May you carry your light brightly and proudly.


YogaSpirit Graduating Teachers of 2014 at Whitman Wellness— Go Light Your World!


Sending Love


I share with you a song that was once shared with me strengthening

me in my travels through some darker times.


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