LOVE carries us through/from a daughter


You have taught me so much throughout my life , and I still am learning so much from you, even when you don’t realize it.  You’ve taught me to embrace the art of living.  Not that I have perfected it, yet.  But Mom, you do life really well.

At your best friend’s wake, my best friend glanced over at you, carrying on a conversation with a smile on your face.  My friend said to me, “how does your mom do it?”  It’s because you get it.  You understand that in loving deeply, you are inevitably going to lose greatly.  It’s all a part of life.  It’s incredibly heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time.  And so, you’ve never let that stop you from experiencing life fully and loving deeply, selflessly, and endlessly.  And it that love that carries you through.  It’s that love that carries us all through.

It’s that love that marches you around on your own little 4th of July parade route, regardless of your mood (and lack of crowd).  Or that carries you out on the dance floor, alone.  It’s that love that gives you the courage to sing at the top of your lungs in church, even through it’s been asked that you take it down a notch.  It’s also that love that let you lay with your dog as he took his last breath.  And it’s definitely that love that gave you the strength to be by your best friend’s side the whole way through her life and death.  It’s that love that got you up for the sunrise the very next day.

Carry that love with you and celebrate you.  Cry as much as you need, laugh as loud as you want.  In what ever form your love is shining through today, embrace it.  Feel it all.  Let it be.



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