Weekly WOW @ WWC- Why I teach PrePost Natal Yoga/Michelle

Weekly, I am honored to hold space for our prenatal/postnatal yoga class. As you can imagine, summer is not the most popular for the expectant set. But I sense its happening… as we prepare to shift into fall, a fresh crop of newly expectant yogis will emerge from summer hideouts to partake in our offerings.

Prenatal yoga provides benefits far beyond pregnancy and physical well-being, it’s also the perfect opportunity to meet other pregnant women and become a part of a supportive community. A chance to create lasting bonds with like-minded women and mamas-to-be. But of course the benefits are plenty. Breathing techniques may help you to manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and work through contractions during labor. We also learn modifications to accommodate your growing belly, ease discomforts of pregnancy and help prepare the body (hips!) for labor.

Pregnancy is often a time of unsolicited advice, even from well-meaning family and friends, and commentary from others (I recall a woman in Walmart asking me if I was near due with twins, when I was just 5 months pregnant with my one and only!) All of this as you adjust to horrible sleep, and a body which seems more foreign and pressed for space by the day. Return to yourself on your mat, and discover your power in posture and pregnancy. Sunday morning is a perfect time for gentle stretching, as if you need an excuse for focusing on wellness and self-care!

My intention is to create a space weekly where expectant and new mothers can come together and honor themselves and each other. Journeying together through all stages of pregnancy and motherhood, breathing through anxieties, accepting changing bodies, connecting with babies, and more deeply within. I am holding the space, come set your intention in good company! Namaste.  Michelle

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