A Story About Love, Hope, and Miracles of Life.

This is my story about love and hope and the miracles of life.  It is a story about birth.  It is my mom’s and my story.

My mom was a nurse.  I grew up knowing the one physical ailment she did not want was a massive stroke.  In October of  2009, mom had a massive stroke.  My mom, Peg as her friends called her, was a traveler and knew people around the world.  She was a woman of strong faith and deep trust.  I kept a diary at the time, to share with her world about her stroke, her progress, our trials, sadness, and deep love.

This is when we brought her home, February 23, 2010.

So, tomorrow is the next moving day!  We re very excited, and very nervous, very sad, and very hopeful!  Mom is leaving Alliance Health Care at 11 am tomorrow and coming to my home for the next stage in her journey.    It is another reminder of how far we have come, how far we have to go and again of life and the challenges offered.  The staff at Alliance have been fabulous and we are so grateful to them for their continued support.

Talked to mom yesterday.  I told her this is just another step on her journey to get her back to her home.  It is my intention to bring her to her home within the year.  Intentions are good!

I said,  “I know you are scared.  You have come so far.  First you were in ICU and could not move or talk.  Then you were in Braintree Rehab and started to move and found some words.  Then you went to Alliance and are now walking with help and finding the words in your brain and finding their way out of your mouth.  Next, you will be at my house and this is not a resting space.  We are working everyday to get you home!  We will be very busy…doing puzzles, eating reading, walking, fresh air…physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, exercises.”

 She  started crying.

I told her she can rest and sleep whenever she wants….it won’t be that bad!!

and it won’t.

She will be surrounded by the beauty of nature, the loving support of family and friends, the blessings and opportunity to face life’s challenges with the continued support of positive thoughts, good intentions, prayer and love and faith.

Mom is a little apprehensive about going to church….because she is not able to be who she was.  I told her, we would also be able to go to church on Sunday.  She said no she didn’t want to.  I told her it’s my birthday….you have to go for me. (she always played that card on her children!)

She will be in church on Sunday, February 28th.

I realize now, all these years, the reason  she has wanted us to go to church was about feeling and experiencing  love.  I want my mom to feel and experience your love on my birthday.  It is her turn.

February 28, 2010 my mom died.  She sent me to church and I will share this in the next blog.

A Story About  Birth.

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