Standing on the Side of Love – Becky and Jordan

My daughter and I attended a rally in Boston last night to show our support for the Governor’s efforts to offer housing to the children of Central America, who desperately need our help now. Massachusetts is ready to serve.

I was so happy to be among the crowd that marched up Boston Common and gathered at the foot of the state house. I saw a lot of families and youth holding signs and cheering for the speakers, who shouted over bullhorns. Among them were spiritual and political leaders, and community activists from all over. I spotted a woman carrying her infant in a sling and I smiled at the thought of this being her “first rally” . I asked my daughter if she remembered her first rally…it was 10 years ago, she was 6. We stood up with our church community for Same-Sex Marriage in MA, and we met with our State Rep to voice our concerns, our hopes, our stories. She didn’t remember much of her first rally, and neither will that baby in the sling. But the seeds of compassion and service are there, and that gives me great hope.

I was proud to stand with my daughter by my side. I was honored to place my name on the petition. I was moved by the signs that I read, by the voices I heard, chanting together their message of humanity and love. These are the signs that spoke to me: Thank you Gov. Patrick for Letting Your Light Shine. No human being is illegal. Keep Families Together. Education and Justice. Stand up for All Kids. Rise.

Rising –
Becky Paul

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