I love the song by John Lennon So this is Christmas. It is part of my tradition.

I came home yesterday from teaching yoga and quite frankly was flying high from the energy buzzing about and the love from all the people coming in and going out.  I came home from work that day,  and decided to put on the Christmas Music and prepare my self and my home for the Christmas Spirit.   I put on my traditional song.  With rag in hand and windex in bottle,  I burst into tears.  Gone was the high-gone was the excitement- gone was the pretense that all was well in my world.

And so this is Christmas.
As I stood in my living room I sobbed a puddle!  As the music was blasting in the background, I cried for times gone by and people gone by and honored the memories held in my heart.   I cried for the sad times and I cried for the good times.  I cried because life is so beautiful,  and I am so grateful.    I cried because life can seem so tragic and sad.  I cried because it was more emotion than my human body could handle.   I cried because it is my tradition.  I cried because I love.

And so this is Christmas.
It is a time filled with beautiful and sad memories.  It is a time for me to remember the darkness and the tough times and it is a time to remember the light and the beautiful times.  A time to honor the pain, and a time to honor the joy.

For me yesterday it was a time,  with rag cloth in hand, vacuum close by,  music on the stereo,  to clear out the dust from within my body, my mind and my heart.   A time to prepare my home within and around for Christmas.

It is a time for me about remembering love.   Because as the story goes, in the silence of the dark night there was indeed a light shining brightly. The light still shines, the star is still there, and Christmas is about taking a little time to remember LOVE.
It’s tradition.

Merry Christmas -Sending Love!



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  • laurawalsh Posted December 23, 2013 3:33 pm

    Beautiful, as always. I listened to a buddhist talk today about how tears wash you. As long as we listen to our hearts, all is always well. xo Merry Christmas.

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