Yoga & Your Fascia — Private Session

Fascia is a connective system within our bodies. Due to any challenge physically-emotionally-spiritually, the fascia within our bodies becomes hard and prevents the flow of nourishment. Two visual experiences are the toothpaste that hardens around the top of the container and a hardened piece of gum stuck under a school desk. Yoga helps place the body in shapes that promote movement of stuck energy. Therapy Balls help apply pressure to release the hardened fascia. The breath provides the movement to flow the nourishment of oxygenated blood to all the tissues and cells. Pain becomes alleviated.

During a session with Laura, experience this amazing release of constrictions within your body. Laura provides a detailed program along with the therapy balls to continue your fascia release at home.


  • 1 session ~ $65
  • 3 sessions ~ $180