Spiritual Counseling | Energy Healing | Wellness TuneUp

In life there is pain and suffering. There is a way out of our pain and suffering. Lee-Ann is committed and passionate about guiding you back to wellness and a balance of well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Lee-Ann is a registered yoga therapist with IYAT and brings this knowledge, wisdom and experience to each session.  During Wellness TuneUp, healing  is promoted through active listening, guided self inquiry, spiritual counseling, physical alignment, and reiki. When the body, mind and spirit are in a state of balance, healing happens. As Lee-Ann assists you with your transformation, she will guide you and create a plan for continued support and wellness.

Lee-Ann lives in the field of education and wellness. She passionately and compassionately shares her enthusiasm for transformation. She has personally faced many physical and emotional challenges through out her life and has found the way out.

She will help you find your way.


  • 1 hour ~ $60
  • 3 sessions ~ $150