Whitman Wellness Center’s 900 Hour Yoga Mastery Certification

Orientation: March 17, 2021  6:00 – 8:30PM
Instructor: Lee-Ann Trigler

Whitman Wellness Center School of Yoga has been offering 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Programs since 2010. The desire to continue the journey of transformation of ourselves and the world, inspired us to create our Yoga Mastery Certification. Beginning with your 200 and 300 hour certification, the 900 hour curriculum offers 400 hours of additional training, making you eligible for the 900 hour yoga teacher certification from the Whitman Wellness Center School of Yoga.

We are all born to shine.

95% of what we are is invisible to the physical eye. We are here to expand. At some level we know this, now let’s be this. Let us embody all that we can be. We are born to shine!

Yoga Mastery meets the needs of all students, whether you are exploring a particular field of interest or just interested in deepening your knowledge, enhancing your wisdom and taking the journey of inner transformation.

Our program is a four modular training program of four months per module. As a complete and professional program, students are prepared to design and facilitate retreats, certification programs, specialty workshops, private yoga practice and pilot programs. Students will be able to explore their potential as creative and passionate leaders in the field of their interest. Students develop the knowledge and understanding of the philosophy, theory, process and application of yoga based upon immersion into the study of the five koshas.

Mastery of Self — Module 1
This segment of our program delves deep into our selves. We discover our blocks and create paths of wellness for ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually with a daily sadhana practice. We will immerse into the fundamentals of Ayurveda and participate in seasonal cleanses.


  • Yoga Teachings and Philosophy
  • Yoga and the Mind
  • Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Mastery of Anatomy and Physiology
    • Immersion into anamaya kosha
    • Knowledge of major systems of the body
    • Knowledge of biomechanics
    • Muscular skeletal conditions
    • Neurological conditions
    • Applying knowledge with asana
  • Mastery of Yoga in Medical Field
    • Immersion into pranamaya kosha
    • Mastery in endocrine conditions
    • Mastery in cardio respiratory conditions
    • Applying knowledge with yoga techniques

Mastery of Creativity — Module 2
This module of our program explores the koshas and our creative selves. Students will create and lead transformational workshops. 90% of learning is received from teaching. Having taken inquiry into selves throughout the first quarter of the program, our second quarter delves into mental health and its effects of abuse, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.


  • Yoga Teachings and Philosophy
  • Yoga and the Mind
  • Mastery of Mental Health & Yoga
    • Immersion into manamaya kosha
    • Immersion into vijnanamaya kosha
    • Immersion into ananadamaya kosha
    • Develop understanding of mental health conditions
    • Create a workshop of wellness in the field of mental health
  • Expand knowledge of subtle energy centers
    • Mastery of kundalini yoga
    • Mastery of yoga and wellness
  • Facilitate and present a fall cleanse

Mastery of Passion — Module 3
This module of our program offers the skills needed to create and facilitate your heart’s desire in the field of yoga. Our main focus will be working together to create individual certification programs within the student’s field of interest. Mastering and understanding of ancient practices of yoga and subtle energy practices will be experienced.

Having discovered the yogic tools necessary for implementing change within ourselves and others, this quarter will also focus on developing a private practice. We will learn tools of active listening and creating a wellness protocol. Students will create a mentor program, work with clients, and offer skills learned throughout the program.


  • Yoga Teachings and Philosophy
  • Yoga and the Mind
  • Demonstrate principles and skills for working with private clients and groups
  • Design special population and private yogic practices
  • Develop a wellness protocol for private practice
  • Become acquainted with energy therapies
    • Yoga and Your Fascia
    • Meridian Yoga
    • Sound Therapy
    • Shamanic and reiki energy
    • Acupressure, mama points
  • Develop Your Passion
    • Certification programs
    • Author of your passion
    • Pilot programs for special populations

Mastery of Service — Module 4
During the fourth module, students will present their field of expertise developed throughout the Yoga Mastery Certification program to peers and to the public. Whether you created a certification program, wrote a book, developed a pilot yoga program, or formulated a private yoga practice, this last module will be spent facilitating and participating in your work. Students will also develop, facilitate, market and participate in a yoga retreat.


  • Yoga Teachings and Philosophy
  • Yoga and the Mind
  • Facilitate and participate in spring cleanse
  • Facilitate and participate in a specialized certification program
  • Facilitate and participate as a group in a retreat