Whitman Wellness Center School of Yoga 300* Hour Advanced Yoga Certification Program

Step into Magnitude. Make a difference in your world.

To step into our magnitude, we must dive deep below layers to the deepest parts of ourselves.
To make a difference in the world we must first make a difference within ourselves.
Go deep, live life from your truth and watch your inner beauty manifest outward.

$250 Deposit

(*formerly 500 Hour Yoga Certification Program)

Our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Certification Program offers the opportunity to:

  • Advance knowledge of yoga, ancient teachings and inner practices.
  • Become empowered in your ability to draw upon your inner wisdom.
  • Creatively and masterfully share your confidence, skills and compassion.
  • Develop the ability to identify emotional and physical congestion.
  • Advance in your understanding of anatomy and physiology.
  • Acquire skills in adjusting and assisting to reorganize physical alignment.
  • Delve deeply into the study of Ayurvedic and Yoga Principles.
  • Identify dosha imbalances and methods to create balance.
  • Learn advanced asanas.
  • Experience pranayama-mudra-mantra techniques.
  • Savor a comprehensive study of yamas, nyamas, and sutras.
  • Practice a variety of meditation styles.
  • Increase your knowledge of physical-emotional-spiritual understanding of Chakras.
  • Become skilled in developing special population yoga classes.
  • Gain knowledge in growing a business while working with social media.
  • Develop skills in creating workshops and retreats.
  • Learn how to establish a private yoga therapy practice.
  • Work with Mentors.
  • Refine and deepen your personal practice.


  • Starts January 2023
  • Thursday Evenings
  • 6pm-9pm weekly
  • Monthly Saturdays: 8:30am – 4:30pm


$3,800 – monthly payment plan available to meet your financial needs
$3,500 – paid in full by start date
$500 – down payment required at time of application (this goes toward your monthly payments)

We work with you to develop a payment plan to fit your finances over an extended period of time, if necessary.

$250 Deposit

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