Dictionary.com definition of restorative1. Capable of renewing health or strength. 2. A means of restoring a person to consciousness.  Used as an adjective, tending to revive or renew health, spirits, etc.; used as a noun, anything that restores or revives, especially an agent that promotes health or strength. Related words for restorative are renewing, revitalizing, reviving.

restorative yoga

How often do we think about restoring ourselves? Spending the time to renew or revive ourselves? Probably most of us look to our annual vacation for this purpose and it is a good time to do so. Often our vacations are more hectic than restorative, what with preparations, arrangements, travel etc. By the time we are getting settled and beginning to feel a bit calm and rested, it’s time to return to our daily routine.

We really don’t realize what toll our “normal” lives take on our bodies and mental well being. The “busy-ness” of life seems to take precedence over all. Being concerned about our jobs, the kids, the mortgage all these things sap our strength and oppress our spirits in ways that we don’t always realize. Stop right now and notice your shoulders, your neck and your back – are they tight or uncomfortable? Are you holding tension somewhere in your body that you didn’t notice until you read this? We grapple daily with forces beyond our control that sometimes seem as though they will overwhelm us.

Yoga is a good way to begin to restore yourself and bring back renewal, while helping to promote health and strength. Restorative yoga is a wonderful, gentle way to pamper and nurture yourself while clearing your mind and resting your spirit. We have within ourselves the means to bring about our own renewal and restoration; we simply need to recognize this fact. We must trust that we are worthy of all the thoughtful care and nurturing that we can muster. We must restore ourselves so that we can care for the others in our lives with joy and lightness of spirit.

by Christine Conlone

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