PAUSE: an assignment by  Kirstin
During the pandemic, life took a pause and we were all affected in a variety of ways.  Here is one yoga teacher’s effects of corona.
Protect– my family from the virus, the media & any other nonsense that has been thrown our way.
Adjust– our lives as we have known it to be & try to bring it back to basics & look for silver linings!
Understand– enough to get by, without getting sucked into the media, peoples opinions or versions of what can & cant be done. Hi with what feels right in my gut.
Select– fun for each of us- try to keep it exciting while fulfilling some kind Of break in the monotony we have been living.
Expression-trying to use our creative expression as an outlet. We have painted, redesigned living space, created recipes, customized workouts & built things. These times have simmered some of our frustrations while using our expressions in different ways!

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