We are pleased to announce the addition of our Private Healing & Guidance Sessions with Lee-Ann Trigler!


Spiritual Counseling | Energy Healing | Teacher Mentoring | Yoga Therapy

Healing works by transforming physical pain, emotional or mental suffering and karma that comes from a deeply rooted sense of incompleteness and separation. During a Private Healing Session, Lee-Ann helps to liberate limited patterns that show up Physically-Emotionally-Mentally and or Spiritually. Healing will be promoted through active listening, guided self-inquiry, laying of hands (Reiki), mantra, spiritual exercises, and guidance. As Lee-Ann assists you with your healing she will create a plan to help guide you through your transformation.

Yoga Therapy | Personal Yoga Assessment For Home Practice

Yoga Therapy includes the above Healing along with working with asana (postures):  a series of evaluations in various poses are done to determine weaknesses or key areas of limitation. A health history includes a review of stress factors, breath, and nervous system functioning and a look at lifestyle considerations of optimal health. A written home practice plan is provided. Evaluation techniques and recommendations are specific to the individual needs and level of yogic practice.


$60/hour or 3 sessions for $150


60 Minutes for 1st Session, with 30 or 60 minutes available thereafter in person.

Call 781.447.3815 to schedule your appointment.


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