I really need to be healthier and feel more confident and comfortable in my body. I have a lot of pain in my joints, wear and tear damage mostly, I am doing water aerobics and yoga, Before February I hadn’t been to the Whitman Wellness Center. Now I have been there for Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga & Reiki, and Yoga and your Fascia.
I have liked and benefited from all of the classes I have taken. I wish Restorative Yoga happened more often, I melt with the wonderful hands of the women who do Reiki with Yoga, and the Yin Yoga class stepped it up a notch, with some moves I had to adapt to my limitations, but all the teachers at Whitman Wellness who I have encountered are quick to educate students to listen to their own bodies and set reasonable limits. The class I have attended the most is the Yoga and Fascia class
Laura, the instructor, is a wonderful mixture of playfulness and sincere, wholesome helpfulness.
In the class, we use rollers and balls to massage or press into the fascia and warm it from pressure and movement. It softens and spreads and protects the bones. There is one posture where we place our fists tight, deep into our pelvis, just above the pubic bone and press and hold. It helps to calm the body by releasing serotonin. I have used it at home to help me relax before sleep. And yesterday, I found myself, in my office, rolling the little pink ball across the bottom of my foot, and releasing tension and using and relaxing muscles. I have only been to three of Laura’s fascia/yoga classes so far, so it is pretty amazing to get such good Take Aways!
Perhaps Laura has been able to give that kind of personal attention to her students because her class is a new one and word has not gotten out yet about what a useful practice it offers. Even at the cost of having it become overcrowded, I recommend it to you. At the first,class I was just confused about its function, and unclear about its usefulness. But after just three classes my mindbody knows its value.
Join Laura and Dr Meghan
Saturday | April 5th | 10am-12 noon | $30 Therapy Balls Included
Informational and Experiential Workshop.
Call 781.447.3815 to register
Laura offers private sessions for Yoga Fascia Release at Whitman Wellness Center
Dr Meghan sees clients at Whitman Wellness for Fascia Release Work

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