Do you know that you are made up of the same “stuff” that stars are made of and for that matter, the rest of the Universe?  Can you believe it?  This is a challenging thought to stay with;  it comes and goes.  When it is missing, I know that my peace of mind is freewheeling and not being minded.  On dark days we know with a startling chill that we are the one, the only one, we will never lose.  People come and go, external things change.  We stay.  Feeling magical is such a beautiful place to visit.  We think it is impossible to stay with it.  It is fleeting and not always are things aligning so nicely.  Well the thing is yes they are.

This month has kicked off with the feeling of magic in the air.   The hint of spring that arrived on the first and stayed for two days when temperatures rose after a long and hard chill.  For me, I have already experienced in these first few February days, a very special event, met a challenge with ease,  and enjoying an overall sense of well being, a touch of magical-ness surrounding me.  I am staying present and feeling in the flow.  This is it!


February is the month for valentines and acknowledging love.


We do that with shows of sweetness with gifts and cards to our loves. It is my birthday month.  I used to think I was the only one born on Valentine’s Day.  I was really in a magic bubble way back then.  When I was that young, I couldn’t wait for the time when I would have a real valentine.  I pined for the day, sought some that would never be right on any day, looking outside of myself to be complete.  Now I realize there may be one valentine missing from the list to celebrate, ourselves.  You are the only one who will never leave you and can always love you.


Be your valentine and acknowledge the magical life of your unique universe.  Your solo song is being sung and we couldn’t hear it without you.  Don’t wait for a valentine invite.  Make a date with yourself, give yourself a sweet something and revel in knowing you’re a star!  Let yourself fall for you.  When you’re in doubt about your important role in this universe, close your eyes and repeat:  I am all.  All – I am.  I am all.  All – I am (repeat several times and wait for the peace and your heart to receive this important message from the local sponsor), you.

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