I know where my soul resides in this physical form, down, in the middle, not in the front, nor the back, but center, in the inner sacrum. The head and the heart struggle for top billing and being human, I let them take turns thinking either is solely in charge. Many times my head is in charge, spreading facts, judging surroundings and humans, using the past to acquaint me with the present. Other times, my heart is running the show and goes, sometimes rogue. It’s only when I let those two centers fall into the true essence of being way in, that I am at my fullest and best. The linking of the head and the heart to the very core is where everything lights up, full speed ahead.


Spring forward is a push toward the light! Things look bleak and bare still, hard to believe that soon we will have long light and fullness. You wonder if the trees will push through their dormancy going from standing around to working again for us. So much to fill and how can we do it. Light is such a blessing. Be a blessing, stay bright and bring light with you. How? Inhabit your being fully, no trying to get out of the moment with a thought of anxiety, judgment or any other random, not happening now idea.

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