What I Know Now.

My next career is about to begin. I know this will be exciting, fulfilling, and filled with variety. What I don’t know is how it will change my life on a daily basis.

In my lifetime I have held many roles. I have been a daughter, sister, mother and wife. I have been a teacher, real estate agent, ,photographer for a local newspaper, waitress. I have been a secretary for a big wig lawyer and an orthopedic outpatient secretary at Children’s Hospital. I have been a business owner, and an instructor of yoga, to name a few.

Tomorrow, I will begin my next career role. All my various roles have in one way prepared me for this greatest adventure of all.

I am going to babysit my grandson 3 days a week!!

I will still be a business owner, a wife, a mother, and a teacher. (oh the things we will learn!) I will still embalk upon photography of a different sort. I will waitress for my grandson, preparing and serving nourishment.

I know now,  the knowledge and wisdom I have gatherered from my previous roles,  has in some way prepared me for this. Yet, I also know, I have absolutely no idea what I will be learning, what knowledge I will gather, what wisdom I will see and hear.

My instructor, my boss,  will be my grandson. I will listen to his instructions and learn to speak his language. I will look into his eyes and melt into pure love. He will look into mine and do the same. We will spend our days taking care of love, taking care of each other and taking care of life.

I know this is going to be one amazing experience, and I am honored to take the job!

I am not sure if I should buy a new outfit for my first day.

What I Know Now – I will clothe myself with love.






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