What I Know Now   Lee-Ann

What I know now..

I have this morning routine. It is a daily ritual that travels with me whereever I go. Nothing interrupts it and it never stops.

Even when my children were little, they knew. They knew, the wee hours of the morn were mommy’s time. If they woke they were welcome into my space, would lay their sweet little sleepy heads upon my lap and stay silent. Once I took care of me in my daily ritual, then I was there for the world.

It is a sacred time. I have coffee and my books. Inspirational books, educational books, daily meditation books, my bible and my journal. I sit in the silence of the morn and bask in the written word and the inner listening and knowing.

No one is to disturb this time.

About 25 years ago on a family vacation to Disneyworld, I woke for my morning ritual. Grabbing my backpack filled with books went down to this huge lobby of our hotel. Many sitting arrangements, chairs and couches and coffee tables. After sitting down, arranging my “stuff” taking a sip of coffee I look up.

Approaching me and my space is a gentleman. Now I try to be kind and compassionate, but that comes after my daily read.  My inner voice I don’t often share with the world is “really? One hundred seating arrangements and you are sitting next to me? “

I smiled.

 He looked me in the eyes said “you know…time, distance, and patience are the answers to all life’s problems.”

And then he was gone.

I still sit with my books and always remember this gentleman in the lobby of our hotel. His words have served me well through out the years of my life. I consider now every encounter sacred. A holy instant. A miracle moment.

I Now Know

Time-Distance-Patience- answers to life problems.


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