If only you believe, like I believe…

As an avid student of the book, Course In Miracles, I think of the word, miracle, often. December is the month we search for miracles more than the other eleven months of the year. Since I like to play with words, believing that deeper truth and meanings are found within them, this is one of my favorite of all words, ever. The secret to identifying, seeing and bringing more miracles, more often in your

world, is up to you and me in every moment.

How can we create miracles? Seeing it through, all of it, in the next minute, fully and completely present right there where you are. A wise man once wrote, “The present moment is never intolerable.” The secret to launching your next miracle is in the seven letters: M I R A C L E.  You just have to rearrange and look again.  There it is,  I AM CLEAR.   Could this be the best secret in every moment?  Just rearrange and look again.  Find it.

In your next moment, choose and claim to be,   just simply be-in-(g). Nothing more is necessary.  Put your whole self into that very minute,  being very certain that if you stay clear,  imagining if you will,  our thoughts as clouds, fogging up the chance of clarity and newness of the next moment. You have super powers if you can maintain staying clear, nothing can keep you back. Staying clear allows light to shine through you, you are part of the solution now.    Isn’t that a miracle?

The other best thing about miracles is that they seem to be magnetic and since we are too, they can just pile UP, one more on top of the other, lifting you, way up above any cloud cover.

Could the next miracle be the moment we choose to be clear and continuing to do so again and again? Maybe this December we will know that the star we seek is within. Stay clear, your present is burning brightly right here for you.   You are a miracle.

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