Have You Heard the Wonders of STANDING DESKS?

Dr Megan is a specialist and has been instrumental through fundraisers and awareness to bring standing desks to some local schools.  We are thrilled her article made it in Katy Bowman’s newsletter.


From one of our newly certified students, Megan C.: “My daughter’s teacher had 6 AlphaBetter standing desks with a fidget bar in his classroom that we were able to get from raising money through Donors Choose (crowd source funding for public school teachers – www.donorschoose.org). The teacher saw such benefits from getting the kids standing that he had to find a way to get his entire classroom into standing desks. The Alphabetter desks cost close to $300 a piece so we came up with a low-cost option that I wanted to share: bed risers and rope. The bed risers we got at Walmart for $5 a set and the rope was $5 for the whole class. Putting the bed risers under the existing desks was the right height to get kids standing and the rope mimicked the fidget bar. Three other classrooms have since converted their entire classroom and several others are piloting the idea. The idea has also spread to a few classrooms in neighboring towns! The problem we have run into now is we have bought all the bed risers from Walmarts in a 20 mile radius and online, we have to wait for them to restock. The information I learned going through the RES certification made this all possible!”


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