Girls Night Out Workshop – Celebrating Summer Solstice

A-Rise and Shine, for the light has come, and the glory of the sun will shine upon you.

For the past 8 years I have had the good fortune and honor to celebrate the summer solstice with “my girls” from GIRLS NIGHT OUT WORKSHOP (GNO)

GNO is a monthly self-esteem group, for 9 – 14 yr old girls,that meets twice a month at the Whitman Wellness Center. The program runs from Sept to June, and every year we close the season with this particular celebration.

We meet at my house, which sits on Little Sandy Pond in Pembroke. It’s a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down. Red roses are blooming on the arbor, leading into the back yard. The gardens are lush and bursting with yellow and purple flowers. The big stone fire pit is surrounded by flagstones that mark the four directions, and tiki torches line the perimeter of the yard. The sunlight streams in, low in the sky, casting long shadows on the grass. It’s the last day of Spring, and Mother Nature has outdone herself today.

Every year it’s a little different, but we always have a fire and ritual that centers around our gratitude for the sun. We always sing, sometimes in rounds, sometimes in harmony, and we always have S’morz at the end! This year we decorated our bodies with Henna. We ate fresh picked strawberries and drank lemonade. We walked to beach for sunset and yoga. We planted bean seeds in pots and we planted seeds of intention in our hearts and minds. We said goodbye to the things that are ending, and we sent our summer wishes out into the universe with magical flying wish paper! We held hands and shared laughs and stories, and when the marshmallows finally ran out, the party was over.

Thanks for another great year, girls! Enjoy all your summer moments!

and Join us for a Girls Night Out Summer Sleepover August 9th at the Center! for details!

With love and gratitude


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