So there are times on the mat when you bubble over with thoughts that need time too.  I know the practice is presence and you need to tell yourself I’m doing yoga, I’m breathing and moving; that’s enough and that’s all for now.  You show up on the mat and inspiration shows up too, opening and reaching, creating space.  This deserves attention too.

yoga mat

Being in the moment, on the mat, I let it stick around me.  The idea is what’s my story – how does it end?  Why not take time to review and get to the bottom of me.  I want to know me best and give myself time to consider questions, get some real answers.  Living and moving in perpetual motion without pause and true contemplation, creates a life of distraction (doingness) that will leave you behind one day.  That pace is too wild for everyday life.  We reach outside ourselves when we really need to look and leap within.  That’s where you are!

Using soul tools, of all the healing methods (meditation, yoga, reiki, mantras, mudras and music), we can set our sights on our journey, where we have been, where we are and where we really want to go.  Sharing and creating in our sacred space, we can illuminate a path that is under our feet, in our hearts and straight ahead.

Hope to see you at the What’s Your Story Workshop, this Saturday.  Join us once or all 6 times.  Come all your princesses, queens and maidens.  We will explore what we stand for, what we care for and how we can make happily ever afters!

by Laura Walsh

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  • Carol Posted May 19, 2012 6:39 pm

    Love this post, Laura! I wish I could have participated in this “What’s Your Story” workshop. Unfortunately, I was too caught up in my “life of distraction” to be able to make it. Maybe next time. Namaste, my friend.

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