Finding Our Footing

Oh, how I look forward to the days when we are joined in community once again at Whitman Wellness Center.

Although we have closed the center for awhile, to help flatten the curve with coronavirus, I have gone quite frequently. Some days I go to do my practice. Some days I go to film one instructor for our online classes. We follow the rules. We have this down by now.

I always go to hold space.

Today, I was filming Patty and a yin yoga class. Today was different. As I walked through the center, a wave of sadness flowed through my body and released through tears.

You see, our Whitman Wellness Center always flows with love, community, support and kindness, compassion and a beautiful energy. Today it felt different. I realized something as I was turning on the lights and unlocking the back door. I am the only one that has had my fingers on the light switches and the door handles for over two weeks now. Just me.

I felt the emptiness, the silence of vacancy, a gentle reminder of where we are now, and where we were then, just two weeks ago. I honored the emotion.

We are all trying to find our footing in the present moment.  For many of us, we are the only ones touching the light switches and the door nobs in our homes.  We are finding our footing in our family, in our present situation, in ourselves.

When we opened almost 10 years ago, Cara and I were the only ones turning the lights on, and opening the door.  We waited and you entered.  You brought your loving energy, established community, shared compassion and connection.  A smile then came upon my face, as I found my footing once again in the love that sustains us all, always.

In time,   it will be you opening the doors and turning on the lights at the WWC.  Until then, may our community’s love sustain you.



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