Me and My Fascia  by Laura Walsh 500 RYT

Fascia has become a buzz  word in the wellness field.  Everyone talks fascia.  So you might already know that you are made of more fascia, (you  know that gooey stuff that wraps and protects our inner body?) than anything else.  

If you have not heard fascia?    Once you feel the sweet letting go that happens from releasing, melting and truly creating space in your form, you will join the fascia freedom quest.

Let me tell you a little about fascia.

Did you know that fascia is the container that protects our life force?  AND, did you know that, it is critical to health, and adapts to our present condition based on our past.

I believe the fascia is the guardian of our mind, body and soul. 

I learned about my fascia and the importance of tending to it during therapeutic treatments, myofascial release (MFR).  I was in constant pain, feeling tense tight and tender. I was quite strong in my 50+ body after years of mentally and physically bracing , over training and little rest.  This overdoing created a container of fascia that was very tight with a small space to breathe and live in.

My body was desperate for relief and change. 

I realized MFR  was the key to what I had not found in a myriad of other modalities and treatments.

During the first visit with Megan Ciccolo,,  I was given two therapy balls to use for home care to keep the work that was being done on that table, intact.  Softening the fascia that had become very stuck and hard, like cement, needed all of the time I could spend on the table, as well as any other time I could devote, like sitting at work, to remodel my inner container.

You can change the fascia which is so encouraging and life affirming.  Fascia, though resistant, at the outset will relent and change.

This is access to an inner fountain of youth!

I learned that the fascia was a holding ground of everything physical, mental and emotional.  It’s where our inner guidance emanates.  All of our days and nights, we are using our inner GPS systems, the instinct and intuition of the body, mind and soul, sometimes to the ultimate benefit, but very often to the ultimate detriment.  To consider that what we think can affect the fascia as much as a serious physical injury or ailment, was enough to get my attention and devotion to this work.

Fascial freedom is critical to everybody.

The most rewarding part of my own treatment has been developing a yoga and your fascia class that is truly beneficial to yogis and non-yogis alike.  It’s a practice that benefits all bodies, shapes and sizes.  We all need to soften our body to better live in the entire form, not just our favorite, strongest parts but also those parts that have been hurt or that are weak and underused.  Yoga helps to bring the body into homeostasis.  Sometimes we can get stuck, as I have, in a specific yoga practice or sequence that over time can cause more harm than good.  Learning how to release your fascia will benefit every body that gives this practice time and priority.  For all the other things we do, physically, mentally and emotionally, fascia work compliments.  We can all perform at our highest and best when all aspects of our body, mind and soul are cared for.

Fascia is affected by the way we think, move and breathe.

It is affected by what has happened to us, what we think is happening and what we think could happen.

To begin to care for your multifaceted self, through myofascial release, is a gift of release and renewal, letting go and beginning again.

Tending to your fascia:

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Come to one of my Yoga And Your Fascia Classes.

Read Jacki’s Testimonial of Release from Yoga and Fascia.

“I ‘ve been having difficulty with my left shoulder for many years now. When I started working out it began to be very painful. I started my journey of Chiropractic therapy along with anti inflammatory supplements and massage. I feel so much better but still not 100%. I decided to go to Laura’s yoga and fascia class. She was working the shoulders that particular class. How perfect! It was life changing for me! Who ever thought lying on a ball for several minutes could change how you feel. Believe me it changed my Left shoulder. I haven’t been able to to lye flat on my back with my left shoulder hitting the floor in years. After one class with Laura I am able to lie flat on my back and my left shoulder hits the floor! It may not seem to be a huge thing but it is to me! I would highly recommend her class for anyone trying to soften and stretch out your fascia. After that class I went home and laid on my living room floor for about 15 minutes with my Left shoulder completely on the floor. I have bought some balls and using the techniques she showed us in class. Life changing!” Jacki M.

  • Waking the Tiger (book) by Peter Levine
  • Megan Ciccolo – Whitman Wellness Center
  • Strolling under the Skin by Dr. Jean-Claude Guiberteau

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