Are you craving pumpkin, fall leaves, apples, crisp air, or the cozy feeling of sweatshirts & flannels? Craving the need to slow down a bit, take a time out and regrouping mentally, physically & emotionally before the hectic holiday are here? Learn why and explore this desire to go inward as we transition into fall, and why we should pass up the extra pumpkin latte or beer, and try taking some time topage1image3754256page1image2995808page1image3771520page1image1817728page1image3772352page1image3772560page1image1818848page1image2948768page1image3823264page1image3823936

After Labor Day we pack away our white pants, and get back to the busy routine. Though the sun is still warm, we can feel in our bones that there is a shift occurringcchange.

Self- care is so important during times of transition!

Traditionally Ayurveda has marked this seasonal juncture as an important time to give ourselves permission to rest, to move inward and reconnect with our mind/body/ spirit –what is this “resetting” all about and why should it become our new Fall Cravings?

A reset is a lovely time out…

Usually, we wait until we’re sick to take a time out. We often GO! GO! GO! until we can’t. We push through our body’s cries to slow down, the subtle signs (fatigue, irritability, dull aches & pains), until at last our body forces us to take a time out. Sound familiar?

But what if instead, we train ourselves to take a seasonal time out? When we take time out twice a year to slow down, to reprioritize, release, and rejuvenate, we give ourselves a chance to begin to connect with our desires. We make time to consciously align our lives and our habits with who we really are, who we want to be, and how we really want to live our lives.


At Whitman Wellness, we follow the Ayurvedic Tradition of “resetting” twice a year at the junctures of Spring and Fall. Nature “resets” at these times moving from the cold; dry; heaviness of Winter into the “renewal/rebirth” light energy of Spring; then we move from the heat and active outward focused energy of the Summer into Fall when nature cools down, grounds inward and “let’s go” of her summer heat. We reset as a community to leverage the power of like- minded folks to support, motivate andinspire us. Let’s face it, most of us know what we “need to do”—we just can’t seem to make it “stick,” and studies tell us there’s a 78% increase in our ability to make lifestylechanges if we do it with others.

Carving out the space for a reboot during the Fall and following some simple Ayurvedic wellness tips related to food, and self-care helps us release the heat from our bodies, shed any excess we may have picked up at the summer BBQs, and the ice cream stands, and enables us to rejuvenate and re-energize, and re-establish a better daily rhythm before the holidays. It also enables us to flush our lymphatic system which boosts our immune system, lessens seasonal allergies and prevents cough/colds and flu in the winter.

We become clear, energized and focused.

When we DON’T take the time out to simplify how we live, what we eat, what we do in our everyday habits- we end up perpetuating whatever patterns we’re currently in. Including those unconscious demoting habits that don’t serve us. You know– the things we do even though we know they’re NOT good for us- and we all have them (skipping the gym/yoga class; the extra glass of wine, binging on Netflix, sweets, carbs…to name just a few of mine. 😊 )

This is our opportunity to press pause. If not NOW… WHEN?

Reset mode is all about starting to slow down and simplifying. We make choices about what we want to consciously cleanse/release from our lives. Like the trees shed their leaves- we shed those things that aren’t serving us any longer. Perhaps it’s releasingsome extra weight, or cutting back on time spent on our phone or TV or FB. Maybe it’sreducing alcohol, sugar, stress, shopping, late bed times… AND it’s also about choosing what we’d like to ADD to our lives. Perhaps that’s daily meditation, more green veggies, more movement, more time in nature, being more present with our loved ones…

We say “no” to those things which pull us away from our “centers”, and “yes” to that which brings us closer. We learn some time-tested daily habits of self- care that help us connect with the innate wisdom of our bodies, and trust them.
2018 will soon be over. This is our last chance to reflect, reprioritize, and make conscious choices, before we shift into “the holidays” when family, guests, traditions, shopping and focusing on others takes center stage.

Let’s use nature as our guide as she shifts from summer sun, to the darkness of winter. Animals migrate, and hibernate; tree and plant energy move deeply inward resting in the stillness of mother earth. When we make the time to slow down and focus inward, to breathe deeply, and meditate daily (even for 3 minutes), we begin to feel more connected to ourselves. We create space within our cluttered minds, and we feel more aware, more alive.  we re-connect with the rhythms of nature,  and the ancient practices of self-care, we experience more ease, less stress, and the deeper, more sustainable pleasures in life. We find we’re not as easily affected by the roller coaster of life’s emotions, commotions and changes. We experience contentment. We refill our wells.

As a collective, we cultivate a higher vibration of health and wholeness, so we can be the people, moms, sisters, grandmothers, caregivers and vibrant spirits that we truly are. And as we experience the cold, dryness of winter giving way to the warmer, wet weather of Spring, we look forward to reconnecting with our community once again during our Spring Reset in April. The cycle continues as we journey together on our paths towards health, wellness, and vibrant life.

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