ELEVEN showed up.

As a yoga teacher, I have the excellent fortune to bask and be surrounded in the glow of light that shines from the students’ faces.  Every week this is my privilege.  Yesterday was no different, even with a dark, rainy, chilly morning, they floated in and set themselves up on their mats.  Centering in together we set our private intentions and then I invited them to join together in a group intention for those 11 victims at the Tree of Life Synagogue, that they be considered and let’s ask their angels to surround the families and friends of these faithful souls to help, comfort and begin healing.  In this space, you can rely on the union of hearts, souls and intentions.  This is where real power lives, grows and thrives.  This is what we all do for ourselves, the others in the room and for the rest that could not join us here in the room today.  Holding space, offering our practice and acknowledging the power of it all.

Usually at this Sunday morning class, it is typical to have 16 students.  This is how it’s been for a long time.  What’s wonderful about this is that they are not always the same 16, there are a few that exchange because we all have a life that challenges regular practice.  What it is though, is that we always get to the 16 for weeks, months, now this is true.  Not today, as I walked around this cozy, warm room during savasana to give a little massage to each yogi, I offered my blessing and thanks to them for showing up.  After I finished and returned to my mat, I counted this group.  There were 11 today.  My heart shed a tear and filled with so much gratitude to each of these yogis.  They were there for those that couldn’t make it.  The 11 that were taken away, out of their life, out of their place where they held space for all of us. We know as yogis that synchronicity is a force and we can flow in that space.  Staying there, helping others to reach it too and returning to it again and again when we lose our way.  This is how the light overcomes the darkness and will always outshine the evil that we witness.
How many in class today?  11, well maybe 22 were there guiding us, surrounding us, lifting us up, so we continue to hold space, set intentions and breathe with ease and grace.
THIS is why we yoga.

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