I love that Einstein quote:  “There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.  It sums life up for me and keeps me moving along.  The going is not always nice and easy though.  We get tangled in emotional dramas and nitty gritty dirty reactions to what is happening around us.  When that dervish of stuff comes and surrounds me, it is time to go in to my inner world and go through what I know deeply.  Dropping in to meditation to find the calm in the storm, letting my head stop and my heart start to feel, relief shows up.



The peace that is found when the gaze and attention is turned inward is immense and eternal.  I believe and feel it is as wide and expansive as the sky – our physical container.  We do see that there is an unlimited vista when we lift up above the atmosphere physically flying off to another location; and those that practice meditation know that it is the same in the spiritual container.   No limits – just hold the space where you are with your heart, allowing yourself to feel relief, while your head can know belief.  I feel it all.



Let’s carry on with a forward march in to this new moon, new month and live our miraculous moments, once more with feeling.  Be feisty and kind.  Let’s come in like a lion and a lamb, with this March!

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