I never wanted to be a yoga teacher, but from the first mention of the training to be held in Hanson there was a little niggley thing going on in the back of my mind about it.  I couldn’t shake the idea that I needed to be involved in the training.  I must tell you that I am an education junkie and there is always another course to take for me, but this turned out to be something else.  The training was very different from what I anticipated, it was more and less than I made it out to be.  Some parts of it were really difficult for me to wrap my mind around but there were other, more subtle portions that I was drawn to.  The class I was part of is the only one that took the training in Hanson, but more than that the women who were involved in this training grew together and individually through that training.  We came together as a group of people who were interested in a common thing, but we graduated as sisters and good friends with a bond that is in place today.  We laughed, cried and grumbled over driving to Connecticut for our Sacred Life weekends; we told each other some of our innermost thoughts and we stressed over practicum.  We traded our notes back and forth and supported and lifted each other up when we were down.  We couldn’t believe it when graduation happened, but we were so saddened that our regular time together was ending.  In the end the training wasn’t about becoming a yoga instructor, it was about growth and self-confidence and becoming a part of something.

That training was only a first step on a path that is leading into the future.  I found that I am drawn to the more meditative practices, I enjoy nurturing others and caring for them through restorative yoga, Reiki and meditation.  I also began to study essential oils and natural methods of healthcare and continue to find new ways to use what nature gave us to help us heal.

If you are interested in a journey that will transform your life, Whitman Wellness Center offers:

200 hour Yoga Certification

300 hour Yoga Certification(500 hour)

Yoga Therapy Certification

Ayurveda Certification Programs.

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