An Opportunity
I remember visiting Pymouth Plantation and became totally engrossed in the life of the pilgrims. I sat with a pilgrim called “Sarah” in the garden and felt as if I were a pilgrim and she were my best friend.  We shared stories about herbs and gardening, I asked her questions about life in general.  We shared special conversation. Then, I realized she was not as engrossed in the conversation as I. She started looking around, becoming little uneasy on her stump.   A pilgrim, “Seth” called her from across the fire and asked her to help him salt the fish.
I got it.  It was there code word for annoying tourists.
Yet, to me it became an opportunity of awareness.  
I began to ponder the life of a pilgrim and why they would put themselves through such hardship.   I realized how grateful I am to be living in this time I live in.  I often lay awake at night in the freezing cold of wintertime and wonder, what did the pilgrims do?  How did they stay warm?  How did they survive the freezing cold nights, the freezing cold days. I pondered the life of a pilgrim and their conviction for a better world.
The opportunity arose to become humbled and realize the sacrifices and the hardships the generations before me made, so we could have a better life.  I am grateful for their hard work, their determination, their hope in the future not seen.  I am grateful to the pilgrims and those that came after them.
I can still talk herbs and gardening with the Sarah’s in my life.  I am so thankful when the winter months come along, and  I can stay snug by the fire.  I am able to wrap in a blanket and read a book by the light while sipping warm tea.
I became aware during my Plymouth Plantation visit.  I have been determined ever since to live my life in a way that will make their sacrifices, their hard work, their determination worth something. The pilgrims, and past generations,  walked their walk, for a better life for those not yet born.  I will continue to walk my walk, for a better life, for the generations to come.
THIS is why we yoga.

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