Stress comes from resistance. You actually find the truth of how stress arrives within the word “resistance”: I resist; I stress. Alternatively, you can make a new line out of this r word: I can and/or I sit and/or I can sit. This is the problem and solution, all together.

When we stress and resist, it is a clear sign that we are currently not present. When we are present, there is no stress, no resistance. We are seeing what is and being with what is. How do we get there or here to the present? We use a breath and make the choice to “reset” our being and put our whole self into the very moment. There is no stress there, I promise. You can handle anything one breath at a time, one moment at a time. Arms up over the head, a wide open heart and full run into the present is a line drawn between the past and now. The future is out there and here we go, without fear, because we are not asking ourselves to know what has not yet happened and we are not looking back over our shoulders carrying tension with us. We are ready for the hill, up and down, enjoying this moment being on the line, here and now, present. I can see. I can reset. And if the present moment is asking too much and is overwhelmingly challenging, take a tip from the animal kingdom and pandiculate. This is how animals shake off the stress and keep moving, they use pandiculation. A full, whole jiggle, jumping, shaking, and their journey continues, stress free. As Florence and The Machine sing, they Shake It Out!

Welcome to the present, your opportunity to reset, restart and see the can in you and the is in you.

“Let life happen to you. Life is in the right, always.” RILKE

Florence & The Machine – Shake It Out from Noor Ahmed on Vimeo.

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