2014 RESOLVE – mmm, it’s that time of year, again.  Resolve comes up first, foremost, front and center.  We need to make a promise, see and solve what may be not working well in the life we’ve got going.  What is the benefit to be found here, keep trying to try?  Will I be right back here again next year, looking for another way to do this or not to do that – begin again they say.  As always, the secret can be found right at the end of your nose or in your sight.  Look into “resolve”:  See love;   evolve.


How to evolve this life of mine?  See love, that’s all, everywhere, and you evolve.  Like the snow melts away this is how you melt and chip at the ice sculpture you may think you are, the one that can’t, nor won’t change.  We know that we want more and it is a life worth fighting for:



You’re here now, so onward – go get some more out of your life.  There are so many that have fought already, for you, so you could resolve to see and evolve with love.  That’s the necessary promise to make and the rest will fall softly, beautifully into place.  You are not your problems, your thoughts, your body.  You are the breath of life that comes in and goes out and comes in and  you know, does it again and again.  If you are beginning again in every moment, anyway, regardless of what you are “thinking”, “believing”, “wanting”, you might as well begin again and see love now, if not just a minute ago.  It’s there at the end of your nose, in your gaze, flowing in and out.


And you could make some good bright light.  Work your fire, tend to your fire, stoke your fire and resolve to begin again, and again and again.  Be a fire fighter for your life.


Happy New Year.  Let’s go to Dubai for some fireworks:


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