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Seriously LOVE this place!

Whitman Wellness changed me in ways that I could never have predicted. I cannot recommend this program and Lee-Ann and Cara's guidance enough.

Jaimie B.

Thank you for the laughter & your words of critique & encouragement!


I love my Saturday mornings yoga with Lee Ann! She is indeed a warm, funny, beautiful and professional yoga instructor.

You have no idea how much this journey has changed my life.

Alisa C.

Whitman Wellness Center is my happy place!  WWC started offering free Zoom classes soon after the Covid closings. Even after they were able to open, it was not safe for me to go in person, as I am a recipient of a double lung transplant and am on immune compromising medication.  It was a true blessing when WWC continued to extend their free Zoom classes. To know I can simply click on a link of any of the many available classes on Zoom and see familiar smiling faces has been the most amazing gift WWC has selflessly/generously provided for me!  They continue to help me shine bright even in the darkest days!

Thank you for being such an inspiration and the best guru anyone could ever ask for. It has been life changing.


Phenomenal and transformative!

Susan A.

Lovely, beautiful creative space that draws the best people.

If you have pain, yoga is the way to fix many of your problems.

Because of you the world has more goodness, more kindness, more caring, more courage and more hope in it.

Becky Paul

Thank you so much for guiding me and for being your amazing self.


Took a hot yoga class & I must say it was awsome. Definitely going every week! Love the atmosphere and the instructor!

If there is anyone that has and will forever inspire me it is Lee-Ann... who I am now and how I deal with life's hiccups is due to the tools I was given during my YTT at the Center with its wonderful people of teachers and students. I am forever grateful for that,


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