Lee-Ann Trigler

Lee-Ann is a business owner, a happily married woman since 1974, a dedicated mother of 3 children and a sincere learner in the lessons of life.

She is co-owner of the Whitman Wellness Center which opened its doors in 2010. Previously she owned and operated the Hanson Holistic Center for 12 years.

Lee-Ann discovered her passion for teaching in the educational system as a certified secondary teacher. She continues to share her passion with yoga students at the Whitman Wellness Center and has been teaching Yoga since 1997.

As life expanded, the opportunity to teach students to become yoga teachers evolved. Lee-Ann is currently teaching at Whitman Wellness Center a 200 hour Yoga Certification Program through yogaspirit® Studios and a 300 (500) Advanced Yoga Certification.

As a Certified Yoga Therapist Lee-Ann, offers sessions empowering clients to step into their magnitude, through gentle guidance.

As a yoga teacher, an owner of a yoga business, a teacher of yoga certifications, and a therapist for transformation, Lee-Ann is passionate in embracing the journeys of life.