Younger Yogis (6-14years)

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Younger Yogis (6-14years)

No age left behind with our younger yogis program.  Workshops are offered through out the year for  3 months old through 18 years.

Our summer schedule:

July 12 Tweens Workshop (ages 9-14)

July 14 Kids Yoga Hike (ages 8-14)

July 18 Yoga in the Park (ages 6-12)

July 19 Yoga & Ayurveda(ages 15-18)

July 21 Family Beach Yoga (all ages)

Combining traditional yoga elements including asana, breath work, balance, stretching, relaxation and meditation with cooperative games, imaginative stories, partner play, music and dance. The following list includes some topics we will focus on in this summer.

  • Breath Awareness (Pranayama)
  • The Power of Thoughts
  • Yoga and School
  • Positive Body Image
  • Balancing Appetite through Yoga
  • Yoga and Sleeping
  • Summer fun

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