Hot Yoga & Hot Power Yoga

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Hot Yoga & Hot Power Yoga


In this heated practice, students will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow of asana.


Linking breath,combining energy, and flexibility in a fun, and non-judgmental atmosphere. We use a dry heat so the sweat you create is your own.

We have a variety of heated classes, meeting the needs of every body.


Float out of Whitman Wellness with our Fire Glow class!

Build your internal fire in a heated 30 minutes of power yoga and then let the fire burn away all the toxins in your body and mind as you cool down and go deep with 30 minutes of restorative and yin poses. In Yin Yoga we hold relaxing postures that target the tightness in your body and tension in your mind.

A beautiful way to create strength and softness, empowerment and flexibility of mind body and spirit.


Ayurveda (the science of life) is the sister science of yoga, they go hand in hand with each other. Every class will explore varying pranayama techniques followed by a physical yoga practice(lunar and solar) and a short meditation.The content of class will follow Ayurvedic philosophy,which is guided by the phase of the moon, the calendar season and the current energetic tone.The heat of the room will be reflected by the weather and seasonal changes. The heat will always enhance your practice and not compete with your ability to sustain breath while in your postures.
Come mandala around the mat in the style of Prana Flow(Shive Rea).

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