Fire Glow

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Fire Glow

Float out of Whitman Wellness with our Fire Glow class!

Come in and experience this summertime metaphor for yourself: the campfire that resides within us all!  In this heated class, the first 30 minutes is devoted to fueling our fire (Agni) with the oxygen (Prana) it needs.  In the remaining 30 minutes of class, we move into a Yin practice and use Asana to slowly toast until we get to bask in sweet Savasana (the s’more).  All levels may savor this class!

Build your internal fire in a heated power yoga class and  let the fire burn away all the toxins in your body and mind as you cool down and go deep with restorative and yin poses. In Yin Yoga we hold relaxing postures that target the tightness in your body and tension in your mind.

A beautiful way to create strength and softness, empowerment and flexibility of mind body and spirit.

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