Fitness & Conditioning

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Fitness & Conditioning

Every body wants to work to it optimum health, creating an environment of homeostasis. During our Fitness and Conditioning Classes students are invited to use light weights and their bodies to strengthen what needs to be strengthened, lengthen what needs to be lengthened and feel energized, in a fun and guided atmosphere.


High Intensity Interval Training is an amazing way to increase your heart rate and burn some serious calories! This class will involve short intervals of maximal effort exercises, followed by a short resting period filled with yoga poses. We will be working the entire body, occasionally utilizing weight training, to ensure an intense workout that will make you drip with sweat! We can’t forget about the amazing benefits of yoga, so let’s find a balance between flexibility and strength, mind and body. Join Lyndsay in this blended class to stretch, strengthen and improve your physical fitness. What other workout class ends with a de-stressing and revitalizing shavasana?


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