5 Ways To Combat Stress on the GO!

5 Ways To Combat Stress on the GO!

Post by Erin Munroe

In this fun season that is often filled with stress, how can you de-stress in the midst of all the hustle and bustle? It actually isn’t too hard to do and you can even do it in the middle of a party without anyone noticing!

1. Breathe . When you are feeling stressed take a deep breath. Breathe in through your nose while counting slowly to 5. Notice how full of oxygen your body feels. Exhale slowly trying to use the same count if not longer. Repeat two times or more if necessary.

2.Stretch. This one might be a little more noticeable, but definitely worth it (and you can always hide in the bathroom if necessary). Raise your hands over your head (standing if possible) and feel your body stretch as much as it can. Push your feet into the ground, and feel your body grow taller as you stretch your hands to the sky. Shift from side to side if that is comfortable for you.

3.Shrug. Shrug and squeeze your shoulders up to your ears – you may be surprised how close to your ears your shoulders are already!! And now drop your shoulders down. Shrug them up, squeeze up as high as they can go and drop them down. Repeat two more times or more!

4.Shine. This is a posture check. Notice how you are sitting or standing. Are you slouching? If so, roll those shoulders back, take a deep breath in and think of shining a light out of your collarbones. Open up that chest and breathe. Shine that beautiful light within you out to the world. Don’t close it in; Shine brightly during this holiday season!

5.Smile. It is amazing how much brighter and lighter the world can seem if you just smile. Don’t feel like going to yet another party or fulfilling another obligation? Enter the room with a smile and you will not only feel better, but also, those around you will feel a sense of welcome. Sometimes faking it ‘till you make it work great!
Good luck with your holidays and remember to take care of your health, both mental and physical. Set boundaries for yourself and your family (especially the wee ones).

Take a moment to try these quick de-stressors!

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  • laurawalsh Posted December 18, 2013 8:14 am

    Just in time – great advice!

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